Extreme and Hoarders Cleans

Our Services

Extreme Cleaning – Our staff are able to tackle virtually every scenario from messy tenants to squatters and even after bereavement.

Hoard Disposal – Our staff will carefully work with hoarders and help them to get control back of their homes. This can be a very painful process and we fully understand and are very sensitive to this.

De-Cluttering – Are your cupboards and wardrobes full to bursting point. Has your furniture disappeared due to clutter we are here to help. Our staff will help to get control back of their homes.

Scheduling & Products

All of our cleaning staff are professional reliable and trustworthy. They are all fully insured and will bring all the necessary equipment and cleaning products with them to complete the task.
We can be very flexible to your individual needs doing our upmost to work with you to provide the most convenient cleaning service you can depend upon.

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